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PlayStation Releases Annual Playing for the Planet Update

PlayStation announced their annual report this week on the work they’ve done to reduce their carbon emissions in partnership with Playing for the Planet Alliance established on September 23rd, 2019.

PlayStation’s blog post noted that the company has avoided an estimated 17.5 million tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions for the PS4 to date and they’re on track towards 30 million tonnes by 2030. They’re achieving these reductions due to energy-efficient power supplies for the PS4, rest modes and systems based on chip architecture.

Due to these fundamental alterations, the PS5 is expected to use just 0.5W of power for its suspend and resume feature, which is roughly 72% less power than the PS4 used for the same exact feature.

More notably, however, is that PlayStation included results that a PS4 download results in carbon emissions of 0.047kg of CO2 per hour, compared to disc gaming resulting in 0.055kg of CO2 per hour.

Average PS4 game & typical PC data from Aslan, J. (2020). Climate change implications of gaming products and services. EngD Thesis. University of Surrey. Available at:
Cinema data from Druckman, A., Buck, I., Hayward, B. and Jackson, T. (2012). Time, gender and carbon: A study of the carbon implications of British adults’ use of time. Ecological Economics, 84, pp.153-163.

Cloud gaming, though, emits an estimated 0.149kg of CO2 per hour, depending heavily on how long the game is played for.

PlayStation has also worked to develop at least one video in Dreams on PS4 to educate children about climate change and they’re also developing a playable beach-clean-up game called Pick Up Quick.

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